Carlo Gavazzi UK Ltd

Stand D1

Discover why on stand no D1, Carlo Gavazzi can boast one of the largest energy management and smart building ranges in the UK.

Today’s buildings are driven by technology and The Internet of Things (IoT) and as buildings continue to get smarter, the risks of a cyber security breach continue to rise. Carlo Gavazzi help you take the right route to a successful cyber secure and energy efficient smart building.

We show you how to ensure a building remains safe and secure while reducing its energy usage. Meaningful energy data provides you the opportunity to target and reduce your energy consumption, reflecting in lower energy costs and reduced emissions. Utilising our 2-wire bus system for smart buildings will also provide a unified approach to controls services such as HVAC, lighting and other building services providing a flexible infrastructure that can keep up the pace of change.

An effective energy management system will provide:

  • Reliable and accurate data​
  • Display real time data​
  • Identify consumption abnormalities and opportunities for saving​
  • Engage all to work towards energy reduction targets and inspires behavioural change​
  • Software that caters for two audiences – Technical & Non-Technical (via different user logins)​
  • Customisable dashboards
  • Scalable solution​
  • Open protocol​
  • IoT cyber security rating also available
  • To assist in complying with ISO5001 and improving EPC ratings​

It’s all about getting the technology and strategy right!

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