The world has been permanently changed by COVID-19, especially in terms of our office spaces. Occupants want to feel safe and secure in a building and know that the space is being closely monitored in order to protect them. As we start to look to the future and re-engage with our workplaces, we are more aware of their limitations and also, perhaps, their potential than we ever have been.

In this new world, key features stakeholders want include accurate air quality monitoring, comprehensive wayfinding and people counting as well as improved communication. They also want their buildings to be to be flexible, adaptable and incorporate future-proof technology. The capabilities of an IoT compatible ‘smart’ building will allow building owners, facilities managers and energy managers to engage with occupants in new and valuable ways as well as providing the tools to reassure occupants.

The technology required is already here, and this presentation will take a look at the available solutions and demonstrate how you can create truly smart buildings.