Managing IoT Security in Smart, Connected Buildings

Wednesday 12th October 16:00 - 16:45


Today’s critical buildings and facilities have a rapidly growing mix of hardware and connected systems, which means buildings technology can no longer live in autonomy. Firmware, cloud services, and integration to drive not just automation, but deep insight requirements inspired by building analytics’ interest (driven by AI and ML) have introduced a technological shift, making interconnectivity of building systems and solutions a norm, not an exception. While this offers many advantages for customers and manufacturers alike, it also opens many securities risk vectors. The mix of systems and IoT devices introduces a realm of problems, traditionally nonexistent just a few years ago. From BMS/EMS systems to lighting systems, to HVAC, and water each new system on a network introduces a new potential vector of attack. This presentation will strive to explain and offer answers to this growing security concern for system manufacturers, software platforms, and end-users alike to help prevent the next irreversible security breach.

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Michael Skurla

Chief Product Officer

Radix IoT

As Chief Product Officer at Radix IoT, LLC–offering limitless monitoring and management rooted in intelligence–Michael Skurla helps consolidate global Marketing & Product Viability, focusing on forthcoming product strategy and intellectual property for markets including unique R&D initiatives, cloud/managed services, merger & acquisitions targets. Previously, as CTO, Skurla set product strategy. He has over two decades of experience in control automation and IoT product design with Fortune 500 companies, focusing on the intersection of software and hardware, emphasizing data aggregation and analytics for mission-critical industries. A well-recognized thought leader and a contributor to such top industry publications as Field Technologies, Network World, Critical Facilities, Oilman Magazine, IoT Playbook, IoT News, Digitalisation World (UK), LD+A, among others, he is a frequent lecturer on outcome-based analytics and consolidated data methodologies for building & industrial applications driving efficiency and alternative business outcomes through data. Skurla is a contributing member of ASHRAE, USGBC, 7x24Exchange, and IES Education.

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