Cloud IoT Connectivity with UDMI Schema - a manufacturers viewpoint

Thursday 13th October 10:45 - 11:30


Google have pioneered a philosophy for taming the IoT and provide a structured, secure and well defined methodology for connecting devices to Cloud IoT Servers to allow ingestion of building data in a structured and machine readable format.

This is new ground in what is otherwise an arena that is ill defined and susceptible to rampant use of unstructured, insecure and proprietary connection protocols which if uncontrolled can lead to supplier lock in, cyber-exposed and unmaintainable solutions for building operators and owners who are seeking solutions for Smart Buildings that are secure, standardized and future-proof.

The three pillars of the Building Operating System are DAQ, DBO and UDMI. This presentation lays out why Delta Controls, a well respected authority in BACnet and driving force behind the protocol that made sense of Building Automation, thinks that Google's BOS is an important development in the emerging world of IoT Connectivity for Smart Buildings

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John Brough

Director of European Operations

Delta Controls Inc

John’s career started in Defense Electronics as a hardware / software engineer developing passive defense systems where he first studied and pioneered the early use of computer systems. Since 1994 he has been working in the Building Automation industry and is currently the Director of European Operations for Delta Controls Inc, who are part of the multi-billion dollar Delta Group with far reaching and wide ranging energy and automation products that help deliver carbon net zero buildings with a high degree of automation and Cloud IoT Connectivity.

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