How to optimise your building without CapEx to reduce carbon emissions and the risk of stranding using smart building technologies

Thursday 19th October 12:15 - 13:00

Energy Management Theatre

As concern grows over climate change and meeting our ESG targets we are often overlooking the impact our existing building stock can make on these. As a community we tend to think that to improve this stock will be prohibitively expensive and disruptive. Without attention these buildings risk become stranded assets. Frequently it is assumed that just by having a building management system (BMS) the building does this job and will run efficiently once it is installed. However, this is not the case, often these systems are not programmed correctly or are adjusted over time and rarely recalibrated as the building evolves. As part of the solution to keeping our building stock and ensuring it is fit for purpose 5 to 10 years down the line, making the building smart through automated continuous control optimisations and regular seasonal recalibration via the BMS, the carbon emissions in a building can be reduced by between 10-30% on average. This session will talk about how we can make our buildings smarter and more efficient.

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Annie Marston

Chief Product Officer


Dr Annie Marston is currently chief product officer at REsustain a software platform to reduce energy in the existing building stock. She has worked as a building physicist in industry for 15 years in the USA, Germany and the UK after having gained her PhD from Nottingham University. She is passionate about affordable, reliable, clean energy for all and the role the A&E industry can play in that

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