Workplace Strategy and FM in ESG reality

Wednesday 12th October 16:00 - 16:45


Workplace is not just a building. It’s about people’s work-life and facilities empowering business opportunities. Integrating people, place, process and technology is core to FM promoting workplace transformation to increase the quality of life of the people and productivity of the core business. However, it has recently been challenged by the pandemic. Since the shifting of the working behaviour impacted the physical environment, large corporates redefine their workspace and the purpose of using it accordingly to achieve corporate brand & image, as well as cost reduction.

The other signs to the workplace are ESG and Net-zero Carbon targets are critical but real estate impact is viewed as limited. According to the UNEP, buildings and construction’s share most of global energy and energy-related CO2 emissions. More than half believe their company's commitment to net zero carbon targets will change their real estate choices in the future. Leads to the growth of green building rating systems around the world and SDGs activities relate to the building sector. Therefore, ‘planet’ shall be promoted as another core of FM as a premium on sustainability.

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Ayuthaporn Buranakul

Director, Head of Workplace Strategy and Project Services

Knight Frank Chartered (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Ek is a pioneer in “Workplace Strategy and Strategic FM” in Thailand. Over 20 years of experience in the future-corporate workplace transformation projects include workplace strategy, project management, change management and workplace design in collaboration with ‘smart working & space saving initiative’ supporting property scenario simulations with tangible tracking records in Europe, EMEA and Asia region. He is a visionary in the future workplace.

Ek is an active EuroFM Ambassador of Thailand and a former President of Thailand Facility Management Association, contributing his time and knowledge to awareness of the Workplace and FM industry in local and international markets.

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