Matching Humans and Technology - The EnCO programme

Thursday 13th October 15:10 - 16:00


Launched in 2019 by ESTA - The Energy Services and Technology Association and the Energy Institute as a supporting partner, this truly Global programme seeks to train up a network of experienced professionals capable of implementing a behaviour change based, energy efficiency programme aimed at supporting all commercial, non-domestic organisations to use less energy and use energy that they can't avoid using more efficiently. The programme is now also certifying a growing number of organisations that wish to gain recognition for their energy efficiency efforts.
At a time of ever-growing energy prices, we believe that behaviour change offers considerable opportunities to save energy in return for a very low-cost intervention/rapid pay back.

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Mervyn Pilley


Energy Services and Technology Association

Qualified accountant and Membership Professional. SME specialist. Established and run many businesses during his career.

Currently working as Executive Director of the Energy Services and Technology Association. Committed to sustainability, the environment and supporting organisations of all kinds on their Net Zero journey. Passionately believes in the critical importance of energy efficiency as a starting point for that journey. Also fully supports the Energy Conscious Organisation - EnCO programme - the behaviour change based energy efficiency programme aimed at supporting all commercial and non-domestic organisations throughout the World.

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