12 Stages to a Smart Building

Wednesday 12th October 13:00 - 13:45

Spaces & Infrastructure

The challenge to delivering a Smart Building is the disruption to the current operating model within the UK.

This presentation covers all aspects of overcoming that challenge and the different blockers that business in this sector face.

We ask the questions and provide the answers

  • So you want a Smart Building ! What exactly does that mean?
  • Who wants a Smart Building
  • Why do you want a Smart Building?
  • Are the consultancy industry ready for this?
  • Are the construction industry ready?
  • What is the best starting point to enable a Smart Building?
  • How do we get all parties on board?
  • How can we stage a Smart building and can we make this work with the current development model?
  • How disruptive is it to deliver a Smart Building?

All these questions and a lot more are answered in the presentation.

Download the presentation


Mark Davenport


EQUANS Smart Buildings

Involved in the controls / BMS Industry for over 40 years, founding and heading up innovative businesses for over 30 years, leading into the Smart Buildings arena.

Advisor to the worlds leading consultancy practices

Entrepreneurial leader within the Internet of Things products both hardware and software

Now part of the EQUANS digital services sector and leading the drive towards the next generation of intelligent connected buildings.

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