How to Develop Buildings with a Sustainable Leading Edge

Wednesday 12th October 16:00 - 16:45

Spaces & Infrastructure

This presentation will appeal to Building Owners/Developers, Specifiers, System Integrators and FM Companies.

"No serious observer would deny that we are living through a time of disruption. Whether it’s the
threat of climate change, the transforming power of technology or the mixed blessing of globalization, old certainties are challenged every day. These changes are having a dramatic effect on how we work and live. Now is the time to harness the power of data to create more sustainable, more resilient buildings for the future. It’s no longer a choice but an imperative." ..... Mike Mustapha - President - ABB Smart Buildings

Attendees of the session will learn ABB’s perspective on how to design a smart building, using our four pillars approach.

- Assume nothing
- Work backwards
- Collaborate
- Remain flexible

There is a requirement to deliver smart, efficient buildings that offer high levels of comfort, safety and security. Working with ABB we can help simplify the process of implementing smart sustainable solutions into buildings.

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Jim Sword

Commercial Buildings Manager.


Jim has worked within the building automation industry for 30 years and has extensive knowledge of Building Energy Management Systems (BeMS) and integration with other Building Automation Systems such as Fire, Security, Access & Lighting. He has supported selection and impementation of systems in a wide variety of projects including major office developments, research sites healtcare providers, schools and retail outlets.

Jim believes that integrated systems have a large role to play in making building environments efficient, safe, comfortable and can introduce automated processes that assist with compliance which is becoming increasingly more important.

Whilst Jim is relatively new to ABB he brings a wealth of industry knowledge to support the future of buildings using more intelligent IoT based devices to deliver efficient and safe buildings.

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