How Can the Smart Building Industry Improve Technology Outcomes?

Thursday 13th October 14:30 - 15:10

Spaces & Infrastructure

The technology around smart buildings can often feel alien to even the most experienced property professionals, especially when embarking on first-time projects. The desire to create a smart building without understanding what you want the technology to achieve or the practical steps necessary for success can often lead to problems.

How can the smart building industry give real estate developers, who are new to smart technologies, a helping hand to make sure they are getting as much out of their project as possible?

The Smart Building Project Canvas ( has been designed to encourage best practice amongst industry professionals and give people the confidence to create the best spaces possible. It is a list of questions to address at each stage of a project, from setting out aims and goals for success at the beginning to considerations about delivery and management, cost and risk and future-proofing. We want project teams to use it to create the most efficient and best-performing projects possible whilst effectively budgeting for the appropriate technology.

The canvas has been released under a Creative Commons license, so it is free to download, share and modify, as long as attribution is maintained.

This talk will focus on practical steps, highlighted in the canvas, that real estate developers can take to improve their smart technology project outcomes.

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James McHale

Managing Director

Memoori Research

James is Managing Director of Memoori. A truly independent analyst company focused entirely on the smart building industry. Memoori delivers unrivalled research with deep domain knowledge on smart building technology and implementation.

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