Lighting, Energy and the Environment

Wednesday 12th October 15:00 - 16:00

Training & Residential Developers Theatre

Energy use and our environment are inexorably linked. No matter how hard we try, using innovative efficient new luminaire designs and controls, an installation will always have a carbon footprint. But, how much energy is used in the production of luminaires adding to that carbon footprint? One light can indirectly produce one tonne of CO₂ per annum from its energy use alone, what can we do about it?

A balance must be achieved between the quality of the lit environment from the user’s viewpoint and all aspects of the environmental impact of the installation throughout its operating life. Are you passionate about helping to save the environment, and would you like to save the client money at the same time? This presentation answers these questions and suggests a modern approach to reducing all our carbon concerns.

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Matt Jones

Technical Manager


Matt’s career in lighting started 25 years ago when he joined Thorlux as an apprentice. Working his way through the Quality and Technical Services departments and being the Engineering Assistant to the Managing Director to his current position of Technical Manager, Matt has achieved HNC in Mechanical engineering and a degree in Management of Manufacturing System.

Through this time Matt has built up first-hand knowledge of lighting, luminaires and lighting control systems, is involved in the design, development and marketing of luminaires and is also responsible for running the group’s carbon offsetting scheme.

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