AI Powered Green Buildings

Thursday 13th October 11:30 - 13:00

Training & Residential Developers Theatre

MyGlobalHome are pioneering the world’s first AI Powered Green Building Platform.

Never has there been a more pressing time for such technology. In the face of soaring energy costs, economic uncertainty and the felt effects of climate change, a platform that enables buildings to reduce their own energy consumption and optimise internal environment empowering healthy, comfortable, and secure occupation is essential.

MyGlobalHome firmly believe that the insights derived from their network of Intelligent Buildings could help to make net-zero in the built environment a realistic possibility. Their platform uses AI to identify optimum building performance metrics. It has the reach to join key industry stakeholders; investors, developers, suppliers and service providers to design, construct and maintain the most sustainable and self-sufficient property for any given location.

This talk will dive into the deliverable benefits of this approach and showcase a simplified delivery methodology that makes it accessible to everyone.

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Daniel Eades



Dan is a Founding member of MyGlobalHome. Dan is multi-award-winning technologist with a proven track record delivering industry leading products and services into the global construction industry.

Historically, Dan has operated within the super prime market and as such has a great understanding of the art of the possible.

MyGlobalHome has offered Dan the chance to use his experience and understanding to develop a proposition that uses technology, data and AI to deliver technology into every home not just the top end of the market.

Furthermore, Dan believes that technology within homes should be used for good. To optimise the home and look after each occupant. A vision that he is seeing come into reality.

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