Faye Bowser

Head of Energy and Performance Services


Faye Bowser BEng (Hons), CEng

Faye Bowser has a background in Mechanical Engineering and Strategy with international experience who is now the Head of Energy & Performance Services for Siemens plc. The world of energy is changing towards a low carbon decentralised system, Faye’s role is to work with energy intensive users in the UK to develop a service-based energy savings model that is tailored to suit the users needs. This is leveraging energy efficiency measures, the supply side portfolio, talent and know-how for Siemens to be leaders in this exciting market.

Faye uses her passion and 19 years’ experience of working in the global market to lead the team to ensure Siemens is a world class leader in the transition towards the clean energy future.

Faye is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), has an EMBA with Warwick Business School, on the CBI Board for Energy & Climate Change and the Green Growth Board for the Midlands Engine whilst working closely with various organisational research projects.

Faye Bowser will be speaking at the following sessions.

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